『Open Window!』

[S] Dave & Bro: SMASH!

Dave’s House stage in Super Smash Bros Brawl!!!

~by br3compactor

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Dave Strider in Super Smash Bros Brawl!!!

~by br3compactor

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『Open Window!』 turned 2 today!

Guess who’s turned two this year, my dear reader?
This dusty, old open window, which was closed now and then. Does any light still get inside?

『Open Window!』 turned 2 today!

Guess who’s turned two this year, my dear reader?

This dusty, old open window, which was closed now and then. Does any light still get inside?


Pipe warmer (at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass)

Look at all the irons in the fire


Pipe warmer (at The Studio of The Corning Museum of Glass)

Look at all the irons in the fire

SIGNATURE 11 - Lego House by *br3compactor
Mierfa Durgas - WIP 2 by *br3compactor

I know I’m just no one. I know it can’t be possible.

There’s no hope for me, no matter what.

Since you have nothing to do with me.

No matter how hard I’ve tried, you’d never love me.

And soon, all my hopes will be faded away.


But now I still have some time for finding some good reasons

to hold you back to me. But deep down I know it’s hopeless.


Even if I love you this much,

but it’s just meaningless to you.

I’d just been hoping too much that someday you’d love me too.

Despite the fact that it’s impossible, and I’m not the one, it’s still okay.

Let me just keep you in my heart till the time ends.


Even everything that I’ve got can never make you happy.

And worse it would annoy you.

But please hear me out just one time.

This one last song that I’m willing to give it to you.

It came from the bottom of my heart, and it’s only for you.


Don’t know how long will it take for me to erase you from my mind.

Don’t know when will I be able to love again.


Since I’m not the one for you.

It’s okay, as long as I’m still breathing.

I will love you forever.

I found a website that describes a person’s characteristics based on their zodiac sign. It was the most accurate site I’ve seen with those. So accurate it’s almost creepy. So I’ll be posting what it says here, as a way of saying a little bit about myself.

Do you often feel restive under the deep, penetrating eyes of your friend while you talk to him? Do you feel that behind those intent looks, you are being probed for the deepest secrets and the finest nuances of your character? If yes, then just check if your friend was born anytime between January 21 and February 19. There is a very strong possibility that you have met a typical Aquarian. What you are witnessing is the quintessential Aquarian curiosity which has got nothing to do with digging up your past. All that is there in front of you is the innocent urge to know everything around him that is an indispensable part of Aquarian personality.

Aquarian Traits

Sharp Intellect
In astrology, Aquarius is often referred to as the sign of genius. Boredom is the biggest malady of people born under this sun sign. An Aquarian has a very fertile mind that needs to be constantly fed with new knowledge, be it about people or machines. A large number of Aquarians are seen to prosper in the field of technology. They are good in computers and machines, and are often found to have an eclectic collection of gadgets. Artistic inclination is one of the predominant Aquarius sign characteristics. They specially excel in drama. In fact, 70% of individuals in the Hall of Fame either belong to this sun sign or have a strong Aquarian ascendant.

It is again his hunger for knowledge that makes an Aquarian interact with people. He might be keenly interested in you. But as soon as he has quenched his curiosity he might move on. He is like the winter gale that is hard to be fettered. He has to move on as there are greater mysteries for him to unravel. The Aquarian need for constant interaction with people is often viewed as a lack of commitment, and you may be surprised at how many acquaintances and how very few real friends an Aquarian has. However, once he has scanned you under his intent analysis, and you have captured his interest, your Aquarian friend could startle you with his loyalty.

A Rebel and Reformist
Almost every Aquarian comes by as a soft-spoken, courteous individual. However, don’t be fooled by this tranquil exterior. Aquarians are essentially rebels and non-conformists. For an Aquarian there is always a scope for change. He is a born thinker who can visualize the future with amazing clarity. In the world of astrology this is common refrain - ‘Aquarians see today what the world sees 50 years later’. The universal water bearer that represents this sun sign, comes a person for the masses. He stands for revolution for the greater benefit of mankind. From his jug, the water bearer pours out water, like ideas that come out of an unrestrained mind that can see tomorrow and beyond, while the rest of us are still struggling with the travails of today. Aquarians are idealists, however, without blind faith. They are people with original ideas and strong convictions. One of the negative Aquarius characteristics is their stubbornness. Though they might not jump into the revolutionary war with a sword as a Scorpio or Leo would, an Aquarian would ensure that despite bitter opposition his convictions are realized. This is best reflected by Abraham Lincoln and Franklin Roosevelt who brought about the reforms they believed in despite lack of support.

Humanitarian Leanings
It is their ability and need to interact with people that helps them develop a keen understanding of the plight of the ostracized and the elite alike. This gives individuals of this air sign strong humanitarian leanings. As they go about mingling with the masses with enviable ease, and soaking up all information that comes by with their keen senses, their desire to improve the plight of the downtrodden becomes stronger. Often seen as tactless and rebellious, it is here that their love for freedom comes in great use. In their quest to question authority and set norms, we see the Aquarians unparalleled zeal and courage to stand against injustice and fight the cause of the underdog.

Love for Debate
The Aquarian love for debate is legendary. Despite the stubborn streak, an Aquarian is more open to listening and thinking than any other sun sign. Exchange of ideas is the much required mental workout that an Aquarian desperately needs. Be it an Aquarian male or a female, it is the intellect more than exterior appearance or physical fitness that excites this individual that belongs to the element air. It is no wonder then that although an Aquarian would pounce on any chance for discussion and arguments, he would promptly shy away when called for physical activity. It is this dislike for physical activity that often makes these air signs prone to health problems. There are more susceptible to circulatory diseases and tend to develop problems related to legs, shins and ankles. They need to sleep, rest and exercise for good health. However, they compromise on all these to find succor to feed their active mind.

Unpredictable Nature
Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus which symbolizes unpredictability. Just as you might think that it is the crowd in which your Aquarian friend finds solace, you might see him go into morose spells of loneliness, during which he meditates and contemplates over the newly acquired knowledge. Meditation is one of the typical characteristics of Aquarians. It helps him retain his sharp sense of perception. Although he might be deeply engrossed in some argument, he would surprisingly still be aware of all that is happening behind his back. And just when you thought he was not listening to you, he would startle you by repeating what you said word for word. Despite their contradictory nature, their friendly, empathetic and progressive nature provides stability to those around them

In case you are charmed by the magnetic personality of an Aquarian, and at the same time his eccentric and unpredictable behavior baffles you, don’t fret. He is just as normal as he should be. It’s just that you are living your life on the beats of a different drummer.

Aquarius Personality

Being an Aquarian, praising Aquarians will be like blowing your own trumpet! But Aquarians have so many qualities that it is impossible to not praise them! Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Water bearer is the symbol of Aquarius, who is shown pouring water through a jug. Actually, it is not water which is being poured, it is knowledge that the water bearer wishes to spread among people. It is also said that, Aquarians intend to use the water of knowledge to purge the negativity and evil thoughts of others. They are always ready to impart the wisdom and advice to anybody who needs it, and that is why, they are rightly called, the givers!

Aquarius is a fixed air sign and so, they are said to be natural thinkers and an envoy. One of the disadvantage of being a ‘fixed’ air sign is that, Aquarians can be stubborn. They hate to be forced for anything, even their own good! If you try to force them directly, they might refuse bluntly on your face. So you need to be patient and convince the Aquarian that the changes are utmost necessary.

Male Aquarius Personality
Aquarius males are eccentric and compassionate. They are deep thinkers and so you will always find them deep in thought! They have a lot of friends, but very few are really close to them. In fact, their friendly nature and ‘giver’ personality makes them everyone’s favorite. One of the major characteristics is that they love freedom; worship freedom, will be more apt! So, if you are in a relationship with an Aquarian man, give him complete freedom of expression. This love of freedom is not restricted to just expression. Overall also, they need to be given freedom. So, if you want to have a long term relationship with an Aquarius man, you shouldn’t constantly cling to him. He may seem a bit detached, as they give more importance to head than heart. But that doesn’t mean that they do not care, they are very caring and loving but only cannot express it always. So, you need to be always patient with an Aquarius male. And it is worth as they are very loyal and will be there with you in all your ups and downs.

As said earlier, Aquarian males are givers, they will give their thoughts, advice and affection to the needy. But they hate to be taken undue advantage of. If anyone tries to use them, they get bitter and can do things which no one can ever expect them to do!

Facts about Aquarius

Interesting Facts about Aquarius

Aquarius is the 11th sign of the western zodiac. The symbol of Aquarius is a water bearer. Aquarians have strong characters and personality. They are capable of dealing with and solving the most confounding problems. They are wonderful team players.

One of the facts about Aquarius is they are thinkers and have good problem solving skills. It is a fact that the strength of an Aquarian reaches great heights, when his or her work is appreciated.

Another fact about Aquarians is they are well-organized and very assertive. It could be one of the reasons why they make good team leaders. A negative quality of an Aquarian is his rebellious streak.

It is said Aquarians have no romantic skill and they are not interested in the games of dating. However, an Aquarian is a straightforward person. It is a fact that an Aquarian is not only logical but also practical, in dealing with issues pertaining to personal or official life.

Another important fact about Aquarius is that they are egoistic and very rigid in their opinions. They have fixed ideas about everything and do budge easily from a particular standpoint. This is considered as a somewhat limiting quality.

Aquarians are driven by a keen desire to help others. But they do not make friends easily. They can, sometimes, be cold to people who do not appeal to them.

Aquarius Sign

Characteristics of Aquarius

Interestingly, these individuals are either shy and gentle, or lively and frivolous; either of the two extremes. Although they appear aloof and detached, they are charming, intelligent and interesting individuals. People belonging to the Aquarius sign are characteristic humanitarians. They are selfless and patient, and like to surround themselves with lot of people. It is not unusual to find an Aquarian having a large group of friends and acquaintances. Every single person seems mysterious to them, and solving the mystery of human nature is the favorite pastime of people belonging to this zodiac sign.

Freedom of every kind, including that of action and thoughts, is very precious to the Aquarians. Although they socialize a lot, they value personal space too. Deep inside they are stubborn, judgmental; but never emotional. Talking of emotionality, nearly all Aquarians believe that emotions are the root cause of all human problems, and hence, they are very detached from emotions. This very attitude makes them appear cold and aloof. Aquarians have a curious, objective nature and are drawn to novelty. Being sympathetic and philosophical are also some of notable Aquarius characteristics.

Relationship with Aquarius

Getting into a relationship or being committed doesn’t come naturally to Aquarians. However, if you wish to attract this individual, you need to stimulate him / her mentally first. An interesting conversation is one of the keys to the Aquarius heart. Try to have a genuine interest in things that interest your Aquarius partner and be open to new ideas. You have to be mysterious enough to catch the eye of an Aquarian. They will find it very exciting to solve a mystery. Do not express your emotions easily and they will find you almost irresistible. One of the most important thing to remember is that tying down Aquarian individuals or pressing them emotionally will only make them flee to the other end. However, once committed, Aquarians are divinely romantic and exhibit an amorous nature! On the other hand, you should also note that jealousy and possessiveness are not a part of the Aquarian nature and you too should avoid it.

Marriage to an Aquarian will have mixed results. It is fun to live with them as they can talk endlessly and entertain you, but at the same time they can be cold and detached. They also can be disturbingly aloof. Aquarians are naturally charming and attractive and attract a lot of attention. This will be one of the causes of concern for a possessive partner. But, your life will also be full of surprises. As a parent, an Aquarian will encourage his child’s imagination, be a patient listener and also teach his child to be independent. There will hardly be any generation gap felt between the parent and the child.

Talking of the Aquarius compatibility, these individuals are most compatible with Libra and Gemini. Librans can tactfully handle the fickle nature of Aquarians. Geminis and Aquarians have a common outlook towards life. This sign is least compatible with Leo and Scorpio. Abraham Lincoln, Lord Byron, Virginia Woolf, Clark Gable, Oprah Winfrey and John Travolta are a few of the famous people with Aquarius sign.

Suitable Fields

People born under this sign, usually, are suited to the fields where ingenuity and independence can be nurtured. They usually have their own set of rules and do not like being ordered around. Aquarians are very creative and technical wizards. Fields that require human interaction are very suitable for them. An Aquarian will enjoy and succeed being a writer, painter, musician, actor, psychologist or a doctor. As they like to guide and give people advice, they can be excellent counselors.

Aquarius Facts

  • Zodiac element ~ Air
  • Ruler ~ Saturn / Uranus
  • Lucky days ~ Saturday and Sunday
  • Astral stone ~ Aquamarine
  • Lucky Color ~ Blue, Black

Aquarians have a charming personality and you will be drawn towards them. They will most probably influence you to have a better vision of the world. Lastly, we can conclude by saying that Aquarians are always treasured as dependent and long-lasting friends.

Characteristics of Aquarius

The zodiac symbol is the Water Bearer. Aquarians know the art of striking a balance between love and friendship, intellect and emotions. A few of the most famous Aquarians include Charles Darwin - the evolutionist, Thomas Malthus - the economist, John Travolta - the actor and so on.

Astrologers opine people belonging to Aquarius zodiac sign are strong thinkers and have good problem solving skills. The strength of an Aquarian reaches great heights if his work is appreciated.

People born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius have a rebellious streak in them, they love to think and work in ways that are clearly out of the box. They have a tendency to be frank. In spite of this, Aquarians make good team players. Aquarians are well-organized and this quality of theirs make them good leaders. An Aquarian is a person with strong a character and knows how to deal with unexpected and unusual problems.

An Aquarian gives importance to issues such as equality, fairness and freedom. An important characteristic shared by all Aquarians is that they care deeply about their friends. This is one reason they have a wide social circle.

They have no aptitude for romantic skills and are not interested in the emotional games of love and romance. Aquarians are straightforward people and mostly mean what they say. An Aquarian mind is logical, clear and practical.

The colors of this zodiac sign include electric blue, bright pink and gray. The colors that help them succeed in matters of love and social harmony include orange and gold. The color, aqua, promotes their earning potential.

The best day of the week for an Aquarian is Saturday and his lucky numbers are 2, 4, 10, 39, and 49. The tree symbolizing Aquarius is pine and the flower is pansy. Fox is the animal of Aquarius. Pewter and lead are the metals while opal, garnet, sapphire and black pearl are the gemstones for this zodiac sign.

Aquarius is best matched with Libra and Gemini and they are least incompatible with Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. However, an Aquarian turns to a Taurean for emotional support and to a Piscean for financial help. An Arian would make a good partner in marriage. Aquarius zodiac sign leans on the signs of Capricorn and Libra for spiritual enhancement.

Personality and Characteristics of Aquarius Male

By nature, an Aquarius male is an introvert with a complex mind. He is very secretive about himself but inquisitive about others. He is a friendly person but prefers to choose his friends from a group that best suits his likes and dislikes.

He is a wonderful and efficient team player. For the well-being of the team, an Aquarius man would be ready to shed his introvert nature. He could sometimes turn out to be a strict disciplinarian to get the best results from his team. An Aquarius man is open to challenges and is willing to take things in his stride.

By nature, an Aquarian male is calm and gentle. However, remember it is only a mirage. If provoked, you would easily see his bad side. He would not tolerate being exploited.

An Aquarian male is not comfortable with the idea of getting married. He would want a wife who could be his good friend. He is never comfortable with the emotional demands of the opposite sex. He is not the one who could express his love through physical gestures. However, he likes a woman who holds her ground.

For an Aquarian male, love is another emotional feeling or just another experience. It takes a long time for an Aquarian male to fall in love and trust a person of the opposite sex. Once in a relationship they adore, it lasts for a lifetime. They believe in the ethics and institution of marriage. An Aquarian male is never able to read romantic signs; hence it is preferable to be straight forward with them. One interesting personality trait of Aquarian males is that they never forgets their first “love”. Girls do not find an Aquarius man romantic because he seldom remembers their birthdays and anniversaries. However, he would be ready to celebrate for no reasons.

One of the most prominent personality traits of an Aquarian man is that he expects his partner to recognize his ideas and innovations. He would want his space and is willing to give space to his partner. He expects her to stand on her own feet and be able to handle domestic matters without leaning on him.

An Aquarian is not a selfish person and he hates it if anybody takes advantage of his good nature. Another personality quirk of an Aquarian man is that he gives utmost importance to cleanliness and hygiene. Some people are such perfectionists that they make it difficult for the opposite sex to put up with them for any considerable length of time.

A typical Aquarius man loves plenty of open space and fresh air. He would be a fitness freak who loves to hit the gym regularly.

An Aquarian man is most compatible with an Arian, Libran, Sagittarian or a Gemini.